Best Authentic Mexican & Street Style Trendy Food Around!

Taqueria Los Charros offers many signature plates such as The Charro Dinner, Charro Churros, Charritos with Fries, Charro Fajitas along with many others. Being labeled a Taqueria (Taco Shop) and specializing in tacos we take pride in our Charro Signature Tacos made of three grilled and seasoned skirt steak with fresh chopped avocado slices, Pico de Gallo, crispy grilled onions and a homemade salsa. Choose from our Salsa Verde Avocado Sauce, roasted Chile de Arbol or our tomatillo sauce. Many of our authentic Mexican dishes have a bold and rich flavor, but nevertheless mouthwatering. Our menu was designed to offer various options for all types of preferences. From our authentic food from Jalisco Mexico to the Street Style Trendy food, the second and third generations are looking for. Our goal here at Taqueria Los Charros is to showcase the best of our families and generations of recipes using the highest quality meat and freshest produce.


Why Tacos Are The Best?

The diversity! Tacos can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Heck, even a snack if you really want to. The shells come in soft or hard, flour or corn! Oh, you thought you were done! Tacos can also be used for dessert!

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